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05. ePublishing
Information has become one of the most valuable commodities of our time. Publishing it in real time through electronic means is now the main challenge of most information providers.

Electronic publishing applies to all those who need to make content available and searchable via networks or the Internet, offering a real time access to news, data, articles, press releases, research and so forth. E-publishing compliments conventional paper publishing by giving access to the same information through a multitude of devices such as PDA's, internet, digital TV and any other forms of technology using digital data transfer. Once the information has been published it can then be distributed to different platforms and be made available to users as required.

Electronic publishing offers a number of key advantages over traditional methods:-

- Lower distribution cost.
- Global marketability.
- Speed to market.
- Referencing, through search and archive.

For more information on how e-publishing solutions can help you take full advantage of your preferred distribution media please contact us.

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